Nebia by Moen Rain Shower


Nebia by Moen is 4X more precise than standard showers with 2X greater coverage than a standard shower, all while saving 45% of water. As of June 2020, Nebia showers have saved over 130 million gallons of water. It feels like a high definition shower and you have to feel it to believe it.


Nebia partnered with Moen, a leader in the shower industry for over 70 years partnered with to bring their proprietary atomization technology to more homes world wide. This shower disperses water into millions of micro droplets, making less water feel like so much more. Despite their small size, our atomized water droplets are mighty. The experience is spa-like, immersive and different from a typical shower.


 The adjustable shower head positioning and maximizes the water that comes into contact with your skin, leaving it more hydrated and refreshed. Hand-held wand provides intentional spray or can be set on its magnetic dock to provide added spray stream.


Available in Chrome+ White, Chrome + Black, Spot Resist Nickel and Matte Black finish. 

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  • Fast and easy to Install. No plumbers. No broken tile. If you can change a lightbulb, you can self install Nebia by Moen in 15 minutes or less.
  • Shower moves water droplets 3X faster than a standard shower, ensuring effective rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest hair.
  • Nebia by Moen helps to reduce expenses in water and electricity, paying for itself in a couple of years.
  • Renter friendly. Easy to uninstall.
  • Optional Upgrade to the $269 “Combo” to also receive a wand that can be used as a hand shower or placed on the magnetic dock for a more enveloping body spray.
  • Shower head glides 17 inches up and down, customizing the height and spray pattern for every user in the household.
  • Sliding arm swivels left and right.
  • Flow: 1.35 gpm (5.1 L/min) max.
  • Works in 95% of homes in the U.S, in homes with water pressure as low as 20 psi. Works best with household water pressures between 20 and 100 psi.
  • Shelf sold separately.
  • Made from high-grade sustainable aluminum and beautiful soft touch materials.
  • Made in (town), (Country) with parts from XYZ.
  • Ships from (town), USA 
  • Dimensions: 
    • 7.9” diameter shower head. 
    • 23.5″ Rain Shower Reach from the wall
    • Wall Bracket height: 23.5″
      • Slider Range: 17” vertical adjusting
  • Product and ship packaging is entirely recyclable and plastic free.   



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Nebia by Moen Rain Shower