We are a contemporary online general store for pursuing a more considered and sustainable lifestyle. Consider always making us your first shopping destination.

Dear Visitors,

There is only so much news one can take about marine life choking on all of our waste. Opting for more considered product options, with more minimal impact on the planet needs to be more convenient and inspiring. We have embarked on a journey toward building the ultimate marketplace for sustainable shopping.

This is our way of doing more to restore and preserve the earth’s ecosystems so that they will be intact for our future generations, join us. We are working hard to tread more lightly.


Meet Our Team

We are an early stage company with grand ideas for a healthier planet and knack for making things happen.

Julia Kemp


Julia became known as a “Product Storyteller" from her work with over 300 startups and their founders to position and launch 1000’s of products and services.  She is a proven predictor of success, collaborating with FitBit, Back to The Roots, Runa Tea, S’well water bottles, SimpliSafe, Dyson’s bladeless fan, Corkcicle, Squatty Potty and Urbio, years before they became household names.

Julia’s career started as an Industrial Designer when she was recruited out of school to design product collections for Target. After business school, she was part of the original startup team of the Grommet and has been building and advising startups ever since with her work at Alyce, Idea Paint and Harvard Business School.

Whitney Bernstein, Ph.D.

Science Advisor

Whitney and Julia met at the Miracle of Science Bar in Cambridge, MA and have believed in science and miracles like saving the planet ever since.

    • VP of  Innovation Strategy and Customer Success at IdeaScale
    • PH.D from MIT in Chemical Oceanography
    • NOAA Sea Grant Knauss Fellow in the office of Congressman Sam Far, leading champion for the ocean in the House of Representatives and is the founder and co-chair of the House Ocean Caucus.
    • Certification in The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard
    • Certification in The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard Training

Tim Toomey

Digital Strategy Advisor

Tim is the founder and President of COVERT NINE, a digital agency. He and his team have been instrumental in the launch of Pauli Mer.

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